Register of Public Sector Partners 

(hereinafter referred to as the „RPSP“) is a public administration information system containing details of public sector partners and their final beneficiaries as well entitled persons.

Public Sector Partner 

(hereinafter referred to as the „PSP“) is a beneficiary or a future beneficiary of public resources and an entity that shall be recorded in the RPSP.

 Subject Other than the PSP

is an entity that is voluntarily recorded in the RPSP.

Entitled Person 

(hereinafter referred to as the „EP“)  is an entity defined by the law that performs activities for the PSP or an entity other than the PSP in registration proceedings and that is responsible for the correctness of the data recorded in the RPSP and their regular update.

Final Beneficiary

(hereinafter referred to as the „FB“) is a natural person who has true control over or controls the Ordering Party hereunder and each and every natural person in favour of whom the Ordering Party performs its activities or does its business.

Verification Document

(hereinafter referred to as the „VD“) is a document that identifies the FB and is drawn up by the Entitled Person.